Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day #57, #26 M & Em's Mid Shift Break

The name "M and Em's mid shift break" comes from Mark's brother Matt and cousin Emily. They both worked at the Laundry years ago and came up with this sandwich.

The sandwich is made with roasted turkey, artichoke hearts and Italian pesto on grilled Zingerman's French Farm bread. It's kind of a plain sandwich, only because it is made with so few ingredients. The pesto and artichoke hearts add a lot of flavor to the sandwich though, and I don't think that I would have it any other way.

Zingerman's French Farm bread is my second favorite kind of bread that we carry. It's made with a white-wheat mix and a sour starter. The crust is harder than that of other breads, but that crust is generally a signature for most Zingerman's breads. I especially like the French Farm bread grilled, it really compliments the sour starter.

Overall, I really liked this sandwich. I wasn't sure about the artichoke hearts at first, but I enjoyed the flavor that they added to this sandwich. I always love our pesto as well. I will most definitely have this sandwich again in the future, as well as recommend it to others!

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  1. This is my absolutely favorite sandwich. I get this half the time i come to French Laundry and now from time to time I so wish I had one! It's so hard to find turkey in Japan let alone turkey deli slices to make it my own.

    I tend to get it on toasted challah bread instead of the french farm bread however. Or if I want to spend a little more and am very hungry I get it on the tomato focacia.

    When I think French Laundry and lunch, this is the sandwich that always comes to mind.