Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day #56, #25 Chicks Dig Scrawny Pale Guys

This sandwich comes with loads of flavor and a very intriguing name. It was named after a past employee named Joe, who worked on the line. He was pale, scrawny, and thought chicks dug him. He desperately wanted a sandwich named after him. After a year or so of working on the line, and many attempts at getting a sandwich on the menu he came up with this winner.

The sandwich is made on a Zingerman's onion roll. It was Nueske's pepper smoked ha,. Nueske's applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, red onions, honeycup mustard, and honeycup mustard. I'm a huge fan of the honeycup mustard, it's by far the best honey mustard that I have ever had. It's sweet, kind of tangy, with a bite to it. It goes great on this sandwich with the bacon and barbecue sauce.

There is a warning with this sandwich- it's really messy because of the sauces and the amount of ham...mine was falling all over the place. Which is generally fine, but i would not suggest eating this sandwich in your car.

It was a little ironic...when I was eating this sandwich Lane, one of our servers, told me that it was his favorite. I had to laugh and enjoy this comment because Lane is also a pale, scrawny guy; although I don't know how much the chicks dig him. It's a funny name for a sandwich and I love the personality that these creations bring to the Laundry.

Overall, I think it's a great sandwich. Lots and lots of flavor going on, and to most that is a good thing. I especially enjoyed barbecue and honey mustard together...I'll definitely have to try that again!

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  1. One of my many favorites. It is definitely a messy sandwhich and oddly enough is one of the few sandwiches that I don't change the bread to something else. It is sweet and tangy and enjoyable. I tend to get it when I don't want something too big and am in the mood for tangy. The honey mustard is excellent as is the bacon. Everything about it. It has a different feel than many of the other sandwiches on the menu... perhaps due to the smoked meats and the barbecue sauce. But it has it's place on my frequently ordered sandwiches.