Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day #52, #20 Chief Ruler

Today I continued with the sandwich menu for dinner. Next up was the #20, Chief Ruler. It was named after a woman named Kim Powell that worked at the Laundry years ago. She was a line cook, and was needless to say very bossy. Her nickname became Chief Ruler, and she created this quite interesting sandwich.

This sandwich is made with chicken breast, muenster cheese, tomato, and applewood smoked bacon, with ranch dressing on grilled Zingerman's pumpernickel bread. I personally thought the ranch is what really makes this sandwich different, and it goes a long great with the chicken and bacon. Having this sandwich made on pumpernickel bread also gives it a really unique look, and I like that.

I like any of our sandwiches with chicken breast, so I thought I would probably like this one, although its another that I had never tried. I think the pumpernickel intimidated me at the time but it doesn't anymore after I have had a few sandwiches made on it.

I think this sandwich has an interesting, yet good combination. I like how the flavors come together, and overall I think the sandwich is pretty unique. I'm glad I tried it, because it might just be one that I would order again!

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