Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day #55, #22 Leah's New Job

Today I enjoyed the #22, Leah's new job. Mark Hamel remembered the name of this sandwich coming from a young woman named Leah that used to work here. She was a vegetarian, and he named this sandwich after her when she left the Laundry for a position in her field of study.

The sandwich is made on grilled french farm bread, with Zingerman's natural cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, Switzerland Swiss cheese, and a spicy cranberry spread. If you haven't had Zingerman's cream cheese, it's a must-try. It won the 2006 American Cheese Society Award. It's a lot different from the cream cheese we are accustomed to because it is made using old-techniques such as no gums, and long setting times that are intended to bring out the full flavor of the milk. It's texture is soft, fluffy and rich, with a creamy citrus flavor.

The combination of the flavor from the cream cheese and spicy cranberry spread is awesome. The cranberry spread is made in-house from cranberries, orange juice, and cloves. I thought it would be overly spicy, but the cloves gave it just the right amount of flavor.

Overall, I thought this was much more interesting to eat that it actually sounds on the menu. It is a vegetarian sandwich, but if you aren't a vegetarian it might be excellent with some roasted or smoked turkey. It was great to have the french farm grilled, I always think that adds more flavor to the sandwich. I thought this sandwich to be really enjoyable and very easy to eat!

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  1. Looks a little plain jane...maybe would be good with some chicken breast..