Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day #45, #18 Grilled Fromage

The # 18, or Grilled Fromage is made with Grafton Vermont cheddar cheese, and applewood smoked bacon on Grilled Zingerman's cinnamon raisin bread.
This sandwich came on the menu as just a very unique type of grilled cheese. The word "Fromage" means cheese in French, hence the name "Grilled Fromage".

I was pretty nervous about trying this sandwich, so I've avoided eating it and I'm sorry! I'm a cheese lover, so it wasn't that, and I also can now enjoy a slice of bacon, so it wasn't that either. The big thing that made me scared of this sandwich was...the raisins! I've had the bread before, and I couldn't get past the raisins, although it is a very high quality bread.

I was so surprised with this sandwich, and I really mean that. I took a big bite out of it, and chewed it expecting a full on raisin flavor. However, this time, the other flavors of the bacon and cheddar made the raisins less noticeable, and what I really got from the sandwich was something of a sweet/salty/savory flavor. It was so much different from my idea of what I thought it would be like. This is one of those sandwiches that I blog about and think, "yeah, I can eat anything!"

I understand why this is such a popular sandwich now, if I can see the appeal than others most definitely do as well. It really is a different kind of grilled cheese!


  1. kind of different, but sounds good. i bet just grilled cheese would be good on that bread too.

  2. I have yet to get this myself but my grandfather enjoys it quite a bit. Though he tends to change the bread to farm french bread or challah.

    Next time I stop by (likely now for awhile to my sorrow) I think I will try it with the raisin bread.