Monday, July 19, 2010

Day #65, #35 Julie's Fond Farewell

I am so excited to blog about this sandwich- the #35, Julie's Fond Farewell. It's my second favorite sandwich on the menu (second only to the #28), and it's the only sandwich on the menu that I ordered "as is" before I started the blog. I really love everything about this sandwich.

This sandwich is named after a past, well, very past, employee named Julie that worked at the Laundry.
Mark never thought that she would be able to make it working on the line, but she ended up being one of the best employees working on the sandwich line that he has ever seen. During this time, we had three very young female employees that worked together on the line, and did a phenomenal job. The name of this sandwich was a gift to Julie when she left the Laundry to go to college.

The sandwich is made with smoked turkey, coleslaw, Vermont cheddar cheese, tomato, and mayo on grilled rustic bread. It's similar to the #12 Georgia Reuben, but I prefer the rustic bread to rye, and also the cheddar cheese to Swiss. If you like the Georgia Reuben though, I would definitely give this a try! It really is a great sandwich!

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