Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day #62, #29 Corned Beef

This sandwich is the first of the two sandwiches on our menu that don't have interesting names. The #29- Corned Beef, isn't the most interesting on the menu, but that's just kind of how the sandwich is. This sandwich is made with corned beef, regular yellow mustard, and Switzerland Swiss cheese on grilled whole wheat bread.
I split this sandwich with Jon Foley, our head bartender. He was excited to share it with me because it is one of his favorites. Even I can see the appeal of this sandwich. If you like corned beef, it is an incredibly easy sandwich to eat. Our yellow mustard is very flavorful and makes the sandwich a little more interesting.

Overall, this would not be my first choice. However, if you like corned beef, and mustard, or just a simple sandwich...I would give this one a try.

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