Monday, July 26, 2010

Day #68, #36 Miss Smiles' Rainy Day Tuna

Today's dinner was the #36, Miss Smiles' Rainy Day Tuna sandwich. It's the second and last tuna sandwich on our menu that I will be blogging about, which is somewhat of a relief to me! I used to love tuna fish as a child, but grew to dislike it greatly as an adult.

Miss Smiles' is made with albacore tuna salad, honey mustard, lettuce, and tomato on toasted Zingerman's Jewish Rye. Unlike the #14- Calling Mable this sandwich is served cold. The name of this sandwich comes from one of the very first managers that worked at the Laundry. She was always smiling, and even customers commented on her sunny disposition.

I liked this tuna sandwich much more than the last one that I tried. I think that it is probably because it was cold, and because it had our honey mustard. I love our honey mustard, and I think this post is a great example of just how much I love it. We use honeycup mustard, which is made with brown sugar, mustard flour, honey and spices. This combination creates a uniquely sharp flavor in this creamy mustard. The honey mustard really makes this sandwich a winner in my book.

While I still would much rather replace the tuna with turkey in this sandwich, I'm sure tuna lovers really enjoy the combination of flavors in the #36. It's simple, yet a spicy enough to make it a very interesting sandwich! Let me know what you think!

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