Monday, August 2, 2010

Day #70, Aglio e Aioli

Today's dinner is a very popular Laundry entree, the Aglio. Almost everyone pronounces this wrong, so when ordering, I would suggest that you say Aglio (ahh-glee-ohh) so that this order is easily understood!

The Aglio is an Italian spaghetti style dish with olive oil, garlic, Italian sausage, capers, white wine, tomatoes, and spinach. Our menu describes it as "not your average red sauce spaghetti," and I would totally agree with that. The aglio is salty and flavorful in a whole different way than the regular pasta that most of us enjoy. The portion is huge, and I'm always very surprised when I see someone finish the entire entree. It also comes with a piece of simple bruschetta, made with Zingerman's Paesano bread.

I was glad I tried this, I definitely see why it is so popular, and will probably never be taken off of our menu. Everyone loves it! It's a great change for dinner because it has such a unique flavor.

We also serve the aglio at lunch time, and this lunch entree comes with a small tossed salad. The aglio is a small portion for lunch, but I would imagine most people would still have leftovers.

For lunch or for dinner, I think this is a great option if you would like to try something new and different! Or, if it's an old favorite...enjoy it again! :)


  1. Love the aglio! It's a great pasta dish.

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