Friday, August 20, 2010

Day #78, Appetizer- Olive Oils

An olive oil appetizer was the first appetizer that I ever ordered from the laundry- and I was so impressed by it. Our server suggested the O orange olive oil to try, and it was absolutely amazing. Our olive oil appetizer is served with Zingerman's Paesano bread, which is the perfect bread for dipping! It's the most popular bread sold by Zingerman's. It's a very moist, holey bread. The holes are signature of this loaf, which is the traditional bread of Puglia (the region in the heel of Italy’s boot).
We do however, carry a large selection of oils, and it would take some time to try them all. I have, however, taken the time to do so- so that I can fill you all in with some of my favorites, and maybe you will request a certain oil the next time you dine with us.

-Albereto- Vibrant green color, full flavored, aromatic, fruity/peppery aftertaste.
-Ceppo Anitco- golden clear yellow, gentle floral nose. Delicate, sweet and smooth, faint taste of almond.
-Laudemio-Green, fruity, and sophisticated. Fresh aroma with hints or artichoke and pepper.
-Olio Verde-Medium green but dense hued, notable vegetal nose. Intense, rich flavor. Fresh green grass ans green olives.
-Titone-Light yellow-green and transparent. Green olive nose, mild, with pleasant rounded olive flavors and leafy green notes.
-A L'oliver- Light, peppery taste, good olive flavor that lingers.
-Castelas- Crisp and fresh with hints or artichoke and almonds.
-L'Estornell- Gold with hints of green. Fruity, touch of spice and freshness.
-Tenuta del Numerouno- Naturally rich and fruity. One of the mildest unfiltered Tuscan oils, and is prized for its complexity.
-O Meyer Lemon- Meyer lemons are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. Great citrus flavor.
-O Lime- Exotic Thaitian limes crushed with fresh California olives. Healthy, bright, crisp.
-O Orange- Organic Moro blood oranges crushed together with fresh California olives. Made by hand in small batches with a delicate hint of fresh raspberries.
-Capezzana-Green color, fresh, zingy, olive aroma with a light, smooth texture. Long finish with a balance of fruity and bitter olive flavor.

My favorite olive oils that we carry are the O olive oil brand. The citrus flavors are absolutely amazing with the oil, and make for a very unique, but great appetizer! We also sell all of our olive oils retail if you would like to take them home with you to enjoy!

You can also visit to read more about our olive oils and olive oil production!

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