Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day #71, Butter and Salami Appetizer

It's really been awhile since I have blogged about an appetizer. Today I'm enjoying the Fresh Butter and Salame Plate. It's a very simple, yet very popular appetizer. We use La Baratte des Gourmets Butter, which is traditional churn butter with crystal sea salt. It's made in France from pasteurized cow's milk. The salami that we use is also authentic French salami, and we carry it it black pepper, red pepper, herb, and plain. The bread that comes with this appetizer is my absolute favorite bread that we carry- Zingerman's Paesano Bread. Paesano bread is soft, chewy, and has large holes inside. The holes are the signature of this loaf, the traditional bread of Puglia (the region in the heel of Italy’s boot).

We also serve Paesano with our olive oil appetizers, since it's the perfect bread for dipping. I really liked trying this appetizer, although it wasn't a great dinner by itself. I thought it to be the perfect appetizer to share with others though, because it is very easy to pass around the table and eat. I love the Paesano and sea salt butter combination, they go perfectly together. I also was pleasantly surprised by the salami, I didn't hate it! Our customers do love our salami though, and often authentic salami can be very difficult to find.

I would suggest this appetizer to anyone, even if you don't like salami the awesome Paesano and sea salt butter is a great start to your meal!

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