Monday, August 16, 2010

Day #75, #37 Peeping Chicken

Today's lunch was the #37 Peeping Chicken. It was actually one of the very first sandwiches that I tried when I first started working at the Laundry.

I like it because it's made with grilled chicken, hummus and honey mustard, which are some of my most favorite items for a sandwich. It also has roasted red peppers, onions, fresh spinach and cucumbers, made on grilled Zingerman's whole wheat bread.

By now, nothing about this sandwich could make me nervous. I'm still not a huge fan of onions but the other ingredients hid them pretty well for me. I really like our honey mustard, it's called Honeycup Honey Mustard, and it's made with brown sugar, mustard flour, honey and spicy. It's sweet but has a very distinctive bite to it. If you want to try it at home we also sell it retail.

I think I had this sandwich on the perfect day- it was probably about 90 degrees, but this sandwich seemed light enough for that kind of heat. I loved the honey mustard and hummus combo as well, and that went great with the chicken and vegetables on the sandwich. I enjoyed this sandwich very much, I think it is unique, and great for those that are healthy eaters! I had nothing to dislike about this sandwich, and that's rare!

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