Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day #42, B's Hot Off the Press

B's Hot Off the Press is made with chicken breast, Grafton Vermont cheddar, red onions, salsa, and jalapeno peppers on an onion roll.

This sandwich was named after Marybeth Brennan who is Mark's sister and Chad's wife. When Mark first opened the Laundry Marybeth owned a printing shop with one of her friends, called American Speedy Printing. Marybeth's childhood nickname was "B", and the "hot off the press" part of the name is in reference to her owning the print shop.

It was a nice change to get back to the lunch menu, and I like the sandwiches because there is almost always one part of the sandwich that I like. With this one, I was excited about the salsa, cheddar, and chicken breast. Not so excited about the onions or jalapenos, but I thought I could probably handle them. I was a few bites into the sandwich when I realized that jalapenos are not my thing; they were just too spicy!

I liked this sandwich well enough, but it isn't my favorite so far since I'm not really into spicy food. It's a pretty unique sandwich though, and I would recommend it to anyone that likes their food hot!

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  1. This is one of the two sandwiches I go for when I want something spicy. If I am very hungry I order it on the tomato focacia bread. It is one of the messiest sandwiches I've gotten on the menu. I thought it had avocado (or guacamole) on it as well? Definitely for a favorite, but then I am a fan of jalapenos.