Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day #27, #14 Calling Mabel

Today's dinner was the #14 Calling Mabel. This sandwich was named after Mark Hamel's mother, Elaine Mabel Hamel. It was a must to name a sandwich after his mother, and he picked this one because of it's simplicity and popularity.

The #14 is made with our house made tuna salad (tuna, mayo, celery), and Vermont Grafton cheddar on grilled Zingerman's Jewish rye bread.

Although this sandwich is incredibly simple, it was one that I have been dreading. Really dreading. More so probably than the liverwurst or even the pastrami, because with tuna I know what to expect, and with the others I never really know. I'm going to start by saying I used to be a tuna-lover, when I was six years old. No one ever believes this, but really it's true. Somewhere along the line though, I stopped eating tuna and added it to my "dislike" list.

When my sandwich was made, it came out of the oven with the cheese all melted and gooey, and it really did look like something I might like. The picture I took doesn't even do it justice, this sandwich really looked good. However, after trying it, I am still haven't made it back to being a tuna lover. I still dislike tuna, and I don't think any sandwich will change my mind about that.

I do see the sandwich ordered all the time, so the "tuna lovers" out there must think it is a fantastic sandwich. I can see why it has earned it's popularity, however...I don't think it is for me, at least not yet.


  1. This sounds like something that I'd love to try!!!When you were a little girl you loved tuna. You and grandpa would eat them with chicken noodle soup. You'd eat tuna fish sandwiches for every meal if we'd let you...then you're right, over night it was over. Never again would you eat them. ox mom

  2. "Calling Mabel . . . Black Label . . . " maybe you needed a can of Carling Black Lable beer with this one Lindsay! Tuna is one of those things that people either love or hate and this sandwich really highlights the tuna since the only other ingredient is the Grafton Vermont Cheddar (and the rye, of course). Don't give up though! You may just enjoy the #36. The honey mustard mixed with the mayo in the tuna salad is just enough to make you forget you are eating tuna. Keep up the good work! Remember Julie's face when she put the lobster in the pot (and it jumped back out)? Gotta keep pushing forward even when the food pushes back. Good Luck!