Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day #30, Lobster Roll

We now have a new dinner menu, which means 10 new items for me to try. I started off today at the top of the list with the lobster roll. We had this entree on our last summer menu, but I never had the guts to try it. It always looked really good, but I wasn't really sure about the lobster.

Our lobster roll is made with real lobster, mayo, and celery. It's served on a huge bun from Zingerman's and comes with a side of Tim's Chips.

Tim's chips are made in the state of Washington, and we have them shipped to our store in order to have a different kind of potato chip than anyone else has. The potatoes used come from Oregon, Washington, and California. They are fried in peanut and sunflower oil, and have no trans-fats. I noticed that they have a really unique texture- they are extremely crunchy, like a kettle style chip. We carry a variety of flavors: Sea Salt, Cracked Peppercorn, Sour Cream and Onion, Wasabi, Johnney's Seasoned, BBQ, Pepperjack Cheese, Original, Sweet Maui Onion, and Teriyaki. If you want to learn more go to

I had my lobster roll with my favorite chip, the Sweet Maui Onion. I really like these chips because of the sweet and salty flavor, and of course the crunchiness.

I was surprised by the lobster roll. The lobster salad was light, and incredibly easy to eat. Lobster has a unique texture that I didn't really expect, but I will know for next time. Although this is a seafood item, it didn't taste fishy at all. I liked it, and I feel like by now I should have known better than to be intimidated by it. This is a great summer dish, and I'm glad we have it on the menu again!

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  1. Love that the loster roll is back!