Friday, May 14, 2010

Day #34, #16 Cranewood Corners

The #16, or Cranewood Corners, is another sandwich that has always sounded like something I would like...yet have never tried. This sandwich is made with fresh mozzarella cheese, real Italian pesto, and tomatoes on grilled Zingerman's French Farm Bread.

The history of the sandwich comes from Mark Hamel paying tribute to an old family cottage where a lot of memories were made. His Uncle Tom bought an old barn on Lake Fenton in the 1960's, when he was a priest. After he left priesthood and got married, he turned the barn into a home. The barn is still located on the corner of Crane and Torrey roads. When he bought the barn, "Cranewood Corner" was written in large letters on the outside corner of the building, where they still remain. The current people owning the house often come in and order this sandwich as well.

This sandwich is very simple, but also very good. All the ingredients compliment each other well, and having the grilled french farm adds even more flavor.

Zingerman's French Farm Bread is made with unbromated unbleached wheat flour, water, organic whole wheat flour, and sea salt. It's made with a sourdough starter, which adds a hint of a sourdough flavor. It has thick crust and soft white chewy interior with a flavor that tastes of toasted wheat.
This sandwich is also another great vegetarian option. I absolutely loved it, and would suggest it to anyone looking for something different to try. It's a great sandwich!


  1. Love the fresh mozzarella!

  2. I love it, too! I think I'll just eat half and save the rest for later, but I always end up eating the entire sandwich.