Monday, May 17, 2010

Day #35, Grilled Mustard and Honey Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Today I was brave enough to have...pork. It actually took a lot of courage for me to try this, I haven't had pork since childhood, and even then I hated it.

Our grilled mustard and honey glazed pork tenderloin is an eight ounce portion of tenderloin that is glazed with mustard and honey. It's served with a braised apple and savoy cabbage, sweet corn pudding, and a rich pork demi-glace.

Tenderloin refers to the psoas major muscle along the central spine. This is the most tender part of the animal, because these muscles are used for posture, rather than locomotion. We serve our pork tenderloin medium (although it can be cooked to order), and I thought it to be very juicy, especially with the demi glace. I don't know why I was so intimidated by eating pork, it was actually quite similar to chicken. It was flavorful, but didn't have the gamey flavor that I was dreading.

The sides that come with the tenderloin are those that you can't find anywhere else. The braised apple and savoy cabbage is very visually appealing, as it is served wrapped in a cabbage leaf. It's sweet, and goes along great with both the corn pudding and the tenderloin.

When I was proofreading the new menu, I really thought that the "savoy cabbage" was a misspelling, and that it should be "savory cabbage". A savoy cabbage has a few characteristics that make it different from regular cabbage- it forms a round head just like the usual kind, but its leaves are packed more loosely, and they're thinner. The color is a deep green outside and a paler green within, and has a crinkled texture. I definitely am not a fan of cabbage, however the savoy cabbage leaves were so fine that you couldn't even really tell that it was cabbage.

I like this entree, and I would order it again...I think I might like pork tenderloin now after having this one.

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