Monday, April 26, 2010

Day #24, #13- They Call Him J.L

They Call Him J.L., also known as the #13 is named after Jimmy Lipari, of Lipari Foods- located in Warren, Michigan. Jimmy went bankrupt a few times before really making it big. He went from selling groceries out of the back of his pinto to wallpapering his condo with silk wallpaper. After he made it big, his wife drove a Lexus, but he still drove a pinto to work. His past allowed him to really understand the struggles of the average business owner, and he was very encouraging to Mark Hamel when he was starting the Laundry. Because of that, Mark named the #13 after him. It's a classic Delicatessen sandwich with the mustard and pastrami; simple, but still delicious.

This sandwich is made with warm pastrami, Switzerland Swiss cheese, red onion, and hot mustard on grilled Jewish Rye.

Well I've never had pastrami before, and even though I have a degree in hospitality business (which includes food courses) I couldn't even remember if it was pork of beef (Pathetic, I know). Pastrami is a highly seasoned beef made from a cut of plate, brisket or round. After the fat is trimmed, the meat's surface is rubbed with salt and a seasoning paste. This can include garlic, peppercorns, cinnamon, red pepper, cloves, allspice, or coriander seeds. The meat is then dry-cured, smoked, and cooked. It can be served hot or cold, but most commonly it is served as a sandwich on rye bread.

Well I've already tried everything on this sandwich besides the pastrami, so I found that to be the real test. I expected it to be similar to corned beef (I don't know why) but it was not the similar really at all. The texture was much more moist and chewy than that of corned beef. You could also really taste (and see) all the seasonings on the pastrami.

Did I like it? I'm going to say it was different than expected. Not necessarily bad, just different for me. I think the next time I have it I will not what to expect as far as texture and flavor goes, and I will probably like it a lot more.


  1. I like the logo up top. What do you think?

  2. Love pastrami!! There is a customer that emails me from time to time and often sign it "yours in warm pastrami, Patty" It's not everyday you get that at the end of an email! Pastrami should be warm, fat and not what I would call health food, so for a girl that is engaged to a personal trainer I can see why this sandwich might be a challenge. I suspect you and EJ don't have a lot of second cut pastrami hanging around your place! However, if you are ever in the mood to splurge on pure deli food, this sandwich fits the bill (and so does the #38 . . . and then some, cuz of the cream cheese). I love this kind of sandwich, but only allow myself to have one once in a great while, but when I do, and I am really, really hungry . . . man this sandwich can satisfy!

  3. This looks soooooo good! It looks filling and the very thought of it makes me hungry.

  4. One of my favorite sandwiches and I often tend to try and decide between this one and the fweef. It's an amazing sandwich and what I often order when I want something a bit spicy (love the burn of the hot mustard) and really classic.