Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day #15, Winter Squash Risotto

Winter Squash Risotto is the entree for today. I had to eat this one before our menu changes on May 4Th! It is by far the best vegetarian option that we have, and it is one of my favorite menu items overall. It's made with a medley of roasted winter squashes, tossed with Arborio rice in a creamy parmesan sauce, and topped with pine nuts. It is also served with a large piece of roasted squash and simple bruschetta. It is a quite a heavy meal, which is obviously perfect for winter but not so much for spring/summer.

Risotto is generally made from a high starch, medium or short grain rice. The rice we use, Arborio rice, is an Italian short grain rice named after the town of Arborio in the Po Valley where it is grown. The rice is flavored with broth and parmesan cheese, and often includes other ingredients-such as the squash in ours. Risotto is a traditional Italian dish and literally means "little rice". It is one of the most common ways to cook rice in Italy.
The squash adds additional flavor and texture to the dish. I very much enjoyed this dish, the creamy risotto was nothing short of delicious. However, I ate less of the dish than any of the others I have had so far, only because it is quite heavy on the stomach. I took the rest home to enjoy later...I'm not sharing this one with anyone else today. :)


  1. Sounds like a great vegetarian option!

  2. I love this dish! It is heavy but it's like eating dessert for dinner! Yum!!