Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day #17- C'est Grace

Today I had the #10-C'est Grace. It's kind of an interesting name for a sandwich, and people never really know how to pronounce it. It's actually a play on words- C'est is pronounced "Say" in French and it means "it is" or "this is". The Grace part of the name comes from a woman who came up with this sandwich, named Grace. She ate lunch here pretty much everyday, and loved the strong flavors in this sandwich. When Mark learned that Grace had passed away from cancer, he named this sandwich after her because he really like her and her appreciation of good food.

This sandwich is smoked turkey breast, sweet red onions, bleu d'Auvergne blue cheese, and extra strong French Dijon, on grilled Zingerman's pumpernickel bread. Whew, what a whole lot of flavor in this sandwich. The French Dijon is so spicy, and the blue cheese has a bite to it as well. You have to like the spicy mustard, and blue cheese to be able to really enjoy this sandwich. I'm not a huge fan of anything too spicy, so it was difficult for me to get beyond the first few bites of this sandwich without my eyes watering! The blue cheese and smoked turkey are a somewhat odd combination, but the flavors really play off of each other well.

Bleu d'Auvergne blue cheese is made from the Auvergne region of France, a region located in the center of the country and very difficult to get to by car. It is however, a great area to raise cows, so there is a lot of cheese made in this region. Often, Roquefort cheese overshadows the popularity of this cheese, but bleu d'Auvergne is still considered one of the great blue cheeses of France.
Overall, this sandwich was probably the hardest for me to eat because of all the intense flavors, but if you like that sort of thing, give it a try!


  1. I really like turkey and this looks like it has a ton of it...I'm impressed that you are trying things you'd normally not have eaten, either because you have never had it, or you typically don't care for that food item. I always seem to order the same things. Maybe I should try some thing new.

  2. It does have a large portion of turkey, around 7 ounces. Thank you! You should try something new as well, I know I am always surprised. Let me know how it goes!

  3. You should try something new everytime you eat at the laundry! Before I worked here I only ate the #7! I can't belive all the other great sandwiches I was missing out on!!