Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day #11, Breakfast-Luana Louise

I had an early morning at the Laundry today, so I was able to enjoy my 3rd breakfast entree. I had the Luana Louise; which is scrambled eggs, applewood smoked bacon, Grafton Vermont cheddar, and a Zingerman's bagel of your choice.

The entree is named after Mark Hamel's grandmother, Luana Louise (Liphart) Hamel, who will turn 93 years old this year. Luana used to plant and maintain the flowers around the Laundry until she was no longer able to keep it up. For years she lived down the road at the Milpond Manor and would visit us frequently.

You can get a breakfast sandwich like this almost anywhere, however there are a few things unique to ours.

We get all of or bagels fresh everyday from Zingermans in garlic, poppy seed, cranberry blackberry, enuf, Detroit street, parmesan pepper, cinnamon raisin, plain, honey wheat, 9 grain, onion, sea salt, and sesame seed. Zingerman's bagels aren't your average bagels; these bagels have bigger holes, and are crusty a chewy, apparently how bagels were made back in the day. This style of bagel is often very hard to find, which is why ours are so popular.

With my Luana Louise I chose a parmesan pepper bagel, since it was something I had not tried before (normally I choose 9 grain or honey wheat). The bagel had incredible flavor, and the pepper was not overwhelming as I had assumed it to be. This was my favorite breakfast entree so far, and i will definitly order it again!

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  1. Zingerman's bagels are the best!