Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day #7, #5 Jack Robert

The #5 is named after Mark Hamel's nephew, Jack Robert Hamel. Jack is Max's brother (from the #4 Little Maxime sandwich). A lot of family history in these names! Jack worked at the laundry last summer as a busboy and we all enjoyed having him work here!

This sandwich is made with fresh chicken salad, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, and mayo on soft fresh Zingerman's Challah bread. While this is a pretty basic sandwich, it is one of our most popular. I can see why: the chicken salad and bacon really compliment each other well to start off, and then you add the soft Challah delicious. :)

Here's a little information on Challah bread: Challah Bread was a treat for European Jews in the early 19th and 20th centuries living in poverty. After eating mostly herring and bread crust, the
Sabbath Challah was something to look forward to. Challah is made with real eggs, clover honey, and cold pressed corn oil.

This bread is the softest of the breads we sell and I love it. The #5 was a sandwich that I would order again, although I will always be taking half home since it is incredibly large and filling.


  1. I really like this sandwich too but it is even better with tomatoes added! Of course, that is my opinion, but it seems like a natural addition.

    At some point, it may be nice to hear a little write up on the 2 types of pickles you have. I also am curious if anyone would know the primary differences between your old fashion pickle and Zingerman's. I tried one about a month ago and it seemed much more potent in flavor, especially in garlic. It actually was an enjoyable change in taste to experience. Ever considered offering those as an option (not sure where they get them)?

  2. WOW if i wasn't a vegetarian i would get my hands on one of those!

  3. I agree that tomatoes would be good! But you can always add them to the sandwich if you would like...

    Great suggestion about the pickle blog, I'll have to do that...but I do have a little info for now... I actually went to Zingerman's yesterday and had the same pickle that you are referring to! We have the same "new" style pickles as Zingerman's, but the old styles are different. Our old pickles are Kosher traditional dill, and you taste a lot of the dill in the pickle. Zingerman's gets Kosher "Cured in the Barrel" Dill Pickles, that are aged in the brine for at least one month. This results in a more garlic flavored pickle. Our pickles and Zingerman's pickles both come from United Meat and Deli in Detroit, MI. I'll have to ask Mark or Chad if they have ever considered carrying them!

  4. I had no idea that the #5 was named after THAT Jack. He was the best little helper last summer while I was hosting.