Friday, March 26, 2010

Day # 4, Breakfast- Nancy's California Proposal

Today I started off my morning at the 5:45am. I only work opening shifts about once a week, and it is always a great opportunity for me to be able to try out our breakfast menu.

I started at the top of the breakfast entrees with the Nancy's California Proposal. While the name sounds quite unusual, it makes obvious sense when you know the story behind it. It is named after a regular customer of ours, who came back from California and proposed to Mark the idea of serving a similar breakfast entree to one that she had enjoyed on her trip. This became the Nancy's California Proposal on our breakfast menu.

The Nancy's, (as we like to call it) is a handmade potato pancake topped with Lox, capers, and a salad made of English cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and creamy sour cream sauce. Served with a hard cooked egg on the side.

A common question with the Nancy's is, "What are Lox?"
There are actually a couple type of Lox. There is regular (also called belly lox), which is made by brining in a solution of water or oil, salt, sugars and spices. Another type of Lox is called Nova Lox or Nova Scotia salmon, is cured with a milder brine and then cold-smoked. Our Nancy's California Proposal is made with the Nova Lox.

This breakfast entree is a far cry from the eggs, avocado, and toast that I normally enjoy for breakfast. As I was eating I tried to get a little of everything into every bite. This really helped me get past the fact that I was eating Salmon for breakfast. The Lox didn't have the same flavor or texture as regular salmon, it was a taste completely different from anything I have ever tried.

I am glad to have given the Nancy's California Proposal a chance. Although i did not like the Lox, I no longer feel intimidated by them because I know what it tastes like and is made from. I would recommend that other try this for breakfast sometime, it really is a very unique item on our menu.


  1. I was eagerly awaiting the next entry. This sounds tasty!

  2. Great photos! Great comments! Thanks for the tour.

  3. I love this dish. I think of all the breakfast items that we sell, this is the one that I order the most. The crispy potato pancake, the salty lox and veggies on top . . . love it. Plus you get some extra protein with the egg and it goes great (again) with the salty salmon! Great post!

  4. I love lox! This dish sounds SO good!! :)

  5. This is potentially a first for Lindsay, SALMON, in all the years i've known her i don't think i have ever seen her to eat salmon. I think your doing an amazing job with the blog. I'm proud of you for trying food i would have never even imagined you would eat.