Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day #3, Appetizer- Crab Cake Sliders

Today I decided to try an appetizer off of our Supple Suppers Menu. I started right at the top of the list with Crab Cake Sliders. This was a new addition to our most recent winter 2009 menu. The idea came from previous manager Hank McNally, who had tried something similar on a trip to California.

The appetizer consists of a pair of house-made jumbo lump blue crab cakes on brioche buns, topped with a caper remoulade, served with a basket of Tim's Chips. When making our Crab Cake Sliders, a mousseline sauce is used rather than the mayonnaise in most crab cake recipes. The Brioche Bread is from Zingerman's and it is a traditional French bread made with real butter and fresh eggs.

I was very surprised to learn that I LIKE crab cakes! After not eating any type of seafood for the last few years, I learned that just because it is seafood, it will not automatically have a fishy taste. The Crab Cake Sliders were the complete opposite of my expectations, and I was very happy to have had the experience of try something very out of the ordinary routine of food that I normally choose. Great job Chef Jody on this creation!


  1. Great take on the traditional Slider! Jody's version is all seafood and all delicious! Great to have alongside a light beer on $2.00 off draft Tuesdays. I hope you enjoyed a beer with your tasting!

  2. I LOVE crab cakes! These look so good!!