Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 1, #1 BLT

Today I am enjoying our sandwich #1, a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich. This sandwich is made with Applewood smoked Bacon, lettuce, and tomato on fresh Zingerman's Jewish Rye Bread.

While I have not eaten bacon in a very long time, it was surprisingly crispy and had great flavor. I was also very surprised with the rye bread (Which I have avoided since childhood). The Jewish Rye on this sandwich did not have an overbearing flavor, and it was actually something that I enjoyed.

The interesting part about Zingerman's Jewish Rye is that it is actually made with real rye flour (most "rye bread" sold in America contains very little rye flour), a natural sour rye starter, and ground caraway seeds.

Overall I was very happy to have given this sandwich a chance, especially because the bread was so different than my original thoughts of rye bread.


  1. What is regular bacon smoked with? Picture = 1000 words.

  2. Pictures will be posted shortly.
    There are several types of wood used to smoke bacon:
    - Apple- sweet, slightly fruity, mild.
    - Cherry- sweet, fruity, mild.
    - Hickory- Strong, hearty taste.
    - Oak- Strong, Earthy, Robust Flavor
    - Maple- Sweet, good with pancakes.

    From what I have read, the most common type of bacon sold is Hickory smoked.

  3. Great job Lindsay! I agree about the rye. I never liked rye bread until I tasted Zingerman's either. Let me know if you want the history of any of the sandwiches (why they are called what they are called, who invented them, etc.).

  4. Oh man. My entire family (ok, so the baby hasn't had a chance to try it yet) are big fans of The Laundry's bacon. Such wonderful stuff.

    The bacon alone makes the special brunches worth the price of admission.

    I can't wait to see how this blog goes. I love The Laundry, and can't wait to use my shiny new 1500 point reward card this weekend :)

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  6. At a Zingermans bread class I went to, we sampled Zingerman's rye bread and tasted artisan rye purchased from whole foods grocery. There was a huge difference. The other bread was so artificial compared to Zingerman's, even though they are both artisan breads.

    I'm liking the blog so far, Lindsay. The pictures are great. I'm now officially following it from my google mail account!

  7. I think posting the history behind each name and sandwich like mark said would be a great idea. We are always being asked those questions by our patrons!

  8. I am enjoying seeing you try new things...the blog is cool i'm telling people here at home to check it out...oxoxo

  9. Just a little note on the rye bread...Zingerman's puts a whole loaf of day old rye bread in their starter so, the loaf lives on and on!